The Story So Far, Part II: The Settling

As of the end of my last blog post, I had finally successfully made it to Greenville on February 28th. Phase Two was beginning work at 7:55 am, March 1st, in a town 26 miles away.

At the time of writing this post, March 12th, I have worked 8 business days at the company. The first four or five was just data backentry- almost none of the daily records we keep had been updated for the entire month of February, so they estimated that I’d take about three weeks to get caught up with that. As stated, it actually took me 4-5 days, because I know and love Excel with surprising intimacy. After getting the records up-to-date, I started to learn my actual job. In my own words, my job description is to solve mysteries, fix problems, keep records, and not get pushed around… a wholesome and exciting collection of activities, if I do say so.


So, work is fun. I was really hoping I wouldn’t spend every last dollar I had (and many more dollars on loan from my mother) to move halfway across the state for a job I’d end up hating. I actually like what I do, which is nice.


The Story So Far, Part I: The Moving

What, this old blog? Never a better time to start or revive something than a big move.

I moved to Greenville, NC on February 28- so, like twelve days ago- and started my new job (which was the reason for the move) on March 1st.

The finding-a-home process was an ordeal in itself, featuring adventures with stray cats, SWAT teams, first-degree murderers, a quadruple homicide, persistent realtors,  and the realization that I’m not actually going to be Dirt Fucking Poor anymore. I eventually persisted, did not rent the townhouse in the neighborhood with the SWAT team and the quadruple homicide (which was a shockingly last minute decision, because I have no sense of personal safety), and found what is only a few amenities shy of being a Dream Apartment still in my budget. As the aforementioned decision not to rent in the neighborhood where the SWAT team was doing a standoff was done at the last minute, my next process, the application-for-a-nice-apartment process, was pretty rushed… and I also got the flu during the process, which made it suck a lot more.

The apartment company took a week to get back to me- after telling me it was usually a 2 day process- and told me, at 5:30 on a Friday evening (you know, after businesses have closed for the weekend)(and also four days before my move date) that before I could move in, they needed me to set up a utility account and get renter’s insurance. This begins the Ordeal of the Last-Minute-Requirements, which is a staple of any moving experience, apparently. Luckily, thank all gods, my boyfriend had sold six years of his life to Uncle Sam so he has USAA insurance, which gave us active renter’s insurance one day after purchase. Monday- the day before I moved- I called the utility company to set up an account…. and they told me that it takes about 48 hours to set up the account.

Fuck. So I called the apartment company and explained the problem to them. They told me they could be lenient on the utilities account- as long as I could prove I was in the process of setting one up on move-in day- but what they couldn’t be lenient on was that my boyfriend, who co-applied with me, had to be there with me Tuesday morning to sign the lease. I could not get a key until both of our signatures were on the lease. This was a problem because A) my moving company appointment was for 8am and B) he had to be at work for a training class from 7am-12pm (like, technically he could have been fired for not already having the training class). The apartment company suggested that he could sign a copy of the lease, and as long as it was notarized, I could bring it up and it would count. Problem: at this point it was already 4pm and he was already at work and would be until midnight. No places with notaries were open at all between midnight and 7am.

Luckily, that eventually got solved, too- we were able to push back the moving company appointment to 12:30, so he was able to come up with me, and my best friend (who originally couldn’t help because she had a morning job interview) was able to come with me now that we had a new time.

There was a lot of shit happening very quickly, those last two weeks of February, but I eventually made it to Greenville.


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